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  • Harshita Katiyar

    Harshita Katiyar

    Telegram @harshita_katiyar , Editor — Coinmonks Publication (medium.com/coinmonks)

  • Anthony Repetto

    Anthony Repetto

    Easily distracted mathematician

  • Carlo Dalle Mule

    Carlo Dalle Mule

    Finance student at Warwick Business School. Sharing my views about financial markets and other interesting things in 500 words or less.

  • Sam Maiyaki

    Sam Maiyaki

    Writes about Life, People, Blockchain, Crypto, and Fundamentals that Influence the Global Markets.

  • Karen Rennick

    Karen Rennick

    A business analyst, deal-maker, and advisor, evaluating small insurance agencies for acquisition for a Utah-based rapidly growing insurance agency.

  • David A. Johnston

    David A. Johnston

    Entrepreneur, Investor, Technologist, Voluntarist, Future Martian Settler, & Evangelist for Decentralization.

  • Ed Juline

    Ed Juline

    Blockchain and bulletproof advocate, trying my best to turn a couple of boys into men.

  • james endicott

    james endicott

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